Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I noticed that for a girl to do well as a leader where all guys supposedly rule ,one must have certain 'must-haves' for them to surpass or do as well as them.

  1. Fame.You must be well recognised at HQ level
  2. Looks.Well,some used looks to overcome some things do they?Most of the ppl use this now.It's a guy's world,so why not?
  3. Strength.Must be as strong as them.And i mean physically.
  4. Language.Get their dirty jokes.No sissy's kinda hard coz gals use eee and ahhs as an advantage.


More relaxed now.Having this heck care attitude thing coming.Look,if i don't care,it won't hurt as much.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Monday sucks.Think i woke up from the wrong side of the bed or something.School sucks.
Breaks were used for rushing out work,and my poor stomach had to endure and feed on hydrochloric acid for the whole day~~~~

Somehow,the closeness isn't there anymore.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Be contented with your life gal!!~Though jc isn't all that pleasant right now,there's still people who are there for you.There's Jeannie,me bestest bud,WeiSing, WeiShan (bestest study partner recommended),WenLin (my inside information center,or gossip for short),  my guy pals whom i crap with....wohooo so life isn't that bad.Though i can't get what i wanna find now,maybe it will come later.

Had project discussion online.It was crap.Shall not elaborate.

Tons of homework crashing down like an avalanche.


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Training today.Went down to amkss,and had fun with the NCOs.Implemented a lot of things for the new batch of leaders,hope they will adhere to it and the unit will become fun!!~~

Parent Teacher meeting after that.Thought i was late when i met LiPing on da was suppose to be before me and she's still rite on the bus.The meeting was....well kinda usual routine.The teacher spoke wads reflected on my result slip,and yah thats about it.My GP failed,which means i would be retained if i get this for my promos.GP sucks.My english sucks.

Don't fear me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Can't stop fretting abt relationships.(iTs friendships kaes=>)I'm not getting anything.I'm desperate.Yes i am.But how can anyone blame me?Alright blame myself from entering school later..where all e cliques are formed...and i cant seem to penetrate through.

Ok so i sometimes do yearned for a guy to get me out of my agony.But it won't work,cause it will just make me seem more desperate and wanting the best of both worlds...aRggh

Been binging on food recently.Is it depression?lol.Or some hormonal upset ...arh...

I need a hug.I need a kiss.Just need something to make me feel loved.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Another week.Or should i say a whole new week.Got away from my horrendous mood.Well at least for now.Had been doing homework over the weekend,and i completed my chemistry work that i'm supposed to do!yay!Hey you guys must be happy for me for once coz...well you know...haben been touching chem thats why my results is soo beautiful.
Monday is PE day.Got called up in front of everybody coz i never go for last thursday's afternoon PE.Oh well,i did have a reason,and i forgot to tell Ms Teng on that day.But its kinda irritating cause you will have to stand up,walk in front of everybody...yucks.But aerobics was fun,and tiring too!!(right WeN??)Found out that i lost pretty much of my stamina,terrible me~~~~~~argHH.Shall go and jog with WeN ..heee
Racial Harmony day coming up,guess it means nothing much to me,cause whats the point when you have a sucky class?And Wednesday is such a short day,with bio practical,can't expect us to chop these vegetables when you are all dressed up right?Its ridiculous=}
Still feeling very superficial.When are you guys afraid of me?Stop being superficial to me.Cause i'm feeling that way too.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bad mood.Till the last part of the day.Apparently someone did not know and kinda got on my nerves and yah.Kinda shock that someone would say sorry so easily,most people wouldn't,especially when they haven't find out whether its really their fault.gosh i feel so petty.Was kinda alone yesterday,and decided to go back to my unit.At least i won't feel so left out there.Had fun mingling with the sec 1s!And found out that the more you scream at these kids,the more their sucky attitude will surface.

Had A level oral examinations today.Stumbled.I don't know why,think i've been speaking whole lot of english all this while now,unlike back then.

Back to my unit today again for their passing out parade.Soooo fast!!!!1 year has passed and another batch takes over...tears,joyous laughter,hugs and kisses were given to everybody.Such warmth...and i'm beginning to love the sec 1s!!oh man they have so much to learn and so much potential to give.Will definitely go back more often if i can..promise.:)

Kinda superficial nowadays.Can't help it.Its like being forced with people you don't want to work with,or they are stuck in your class,or they are around the friends you wanna be with.....etc etc...And...why do people have to be so cliquey..its...unfriendly.don't believe go check the dictionary.;)

Monday, July 12, 2004

The parent teacher meeting thing kinda sucks.I had to prepare my dad of what he may be seeing on my progress slip,and there he go rattling off...wanting me to go poly now that i can't do well in jc,wow...idiotic...he doesn't even know that poly is soo different,and he would not be able to accept it if i were there.Such ignorance.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Your a Guradien Angel! Guardien Angels are also
knows as Warrior Angels, because they are the
army of God. Not always meaning that they are
in war, simply that their job is to protect
unwary humans from dark dragons, or other evil
demons. Warrior Angels are not always friendly
with humans, but they will watch over them all
the time. Humans say that when a miracle
happens, thank your guradien angel.

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Another week ahead..always telling myself to start studying,but the other side of me is just not doing it,Y?

If my bottle fills up,will i explode?or will i let em' flow smooth?There's a limit,i know,but i wanna let it continue to fill up,bottling all that i feel till i'm ready to say,cause i;m sooo afraid of the outcomes...

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Had A level listening compre today.The waiting for the stupid broadcast to start was irritating,but overall the listening compre was still ok i guess.Went with LiPing to get her O level cert at Whitley.The school is kinda...u know...old...maybe i'm not used to it coz i was fortunate to have new schools all the while so ya.The rest of the day was spent at amkss Silver Jubilee,get to meet up with lotsa peeps and overall it was fun.Love to hear their neverending lasTest and laugh over them.And how's life now that poly have started and more urge to take photos with SAlly they all..wahahhaha...Saw some of my sec class peeps,all have had changes and apparently it was mostly Hi and thats it.MY class.Saw a lot of seniors,and oh man some have changed really ALOt.Like how some shed their weight to half their size,their styles(some CMI),lol...

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ok i'm back home.Tired.Feel like slacking.Had afternoon PE today,after so many breaks and a bio tutorial.Didn't have to go for the Pe if i don't wanna but ya,might as well go since i feel so slack.SPA tomorrow,and its to Cheryl today in the library,and she's the one i always go to bout my academic stuffs.Ya she's clever,not geeky,fun,not those typical NYJcian who most of them are damn geeky..eeewww...shall go study now,or else i would be hooked up on the com and never get down.:P

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, it's eve here. me and yy in sch library cause we got a 3hr break and we're damn bored. heehee...stupid wai hong never come to school, we got back our stupid math paper and i think you failed..wahahaha..byeeeeeeeeeeeee...

lol ignore her...kk ya hey tong today many many break leh u come also no prob wun get more sick de lol....
got back like wads left of my subject results today....getting straight Fs for my progress slip i guess*clap*left like 20mins before nxt lesson starts, and im rotting here ...ARGHH break kinda sucks ..i understand y some ppl grumble when theres like a lot of break.break sucks.School sucks.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

You have a twisted soul! Twisted Souls are never
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Twisted Souls have good senses of Humor and
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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Had like phobia getting up sooo early to get to sch today.Its like i have a strong lust for more sleep, and a unknown feeling that this term THREE is not getting betta anymore,with all the things looming over my head...gosh...ANd....yest i was thinking that there's nothing i pretty much look forward to in the school,nothing i look forward to in my entire 17yrs of life.I mean,look at me,have you seen me with any very very close friends?WIsh to hang around whole day with someone who would like just totally CLICK.I mean it,and its kinda hard to find isn't it??Nvm about that, lets back most of my results today, didn't do well....or didn't do badly?lol,its kinda mix of both,coz generally its a FAIL,not one,but many....idiotic man...with this kind of results i would have to get retained at the end of the year if this shall maintain,and i figure that i most probably go to poly then coz ya,no way am i gonna get retained.....anyway,Ms Sim raWks,and i totally knew what she was teaching today,why isn't she our chem teacher?In that way it might save me from some agony....ahhhhhh

"Freak Out"

Try to tell me what I shouldn't do
You should know by now,
I won't listen to you
Walk around with my hands up in the air
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walk around with your hands up in the air
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Cause I'll never know
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I won't keep it inside
Freak out, let it go

On my own
Let it go
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Just let me live my life
I can't ever run and hide
I won't compromise
Cause I'll never know
I'm gonna close my eyes
I can't watch the time go by
I won't keep it inside
Freak out, let it go

Gonna freak out, let it go
Gonna freak out, let it go

Monday, July 05, 2004

this is sooo crappy...dunno why i wanted to have a blog,when i wont elaborate much about things...lolz shall figure out how to make this blog betta,and...should i tell anybody abt it?lol...die...wrong move...haha