Monday, July 19, 2004

Another week.Or should i say a whole new week.Got away from my horrendous mood.Well at least for now.Had been doing homework over the weekend,and i completed my chemistry work that i'm supposed to do!yay!Hey you guys must be happy for me for once coz...well you know...haben been touching chem thats why my results is soo beautiful.
Monday is PE day.Got called up in front of everybody coz i never go for last thursday's afternoon PE.Oh well,i did have a reason,and i forgot to tell Ms Teng on that day.But its kinda irritating cause you will have to stand up,walk in front of everybody...yucks.But aerobics was fun,and tiring too!!(right WeN??)Found out that i lost pretty much of my stamina,terrible me~~~~~~argHH.Shall go and jog with WeN ..heee
Racial Harmony day coming up,guess it means nothing much to me,cause whats the point when you have a sucky class?And Wednesday is such a short day,with bio practical,can't expect us to chop these vegetables when you are all dressed up right?Its ridiculous=}
Still feeling very superficial.When are you guys afraid of me?Stop being superficial to me.Cause i'm feeling that way too.