Thursday, July 15, 2004

Bad mood.Till the last part of the day.Apparently someone did not know and kinda got on my nerves and yah.Kinda shock that someone would say sorry so easily,most people wouldn't,especially when they haven't find out whether its really their fault.gosh i feel so petty.Was kinda alone yesterday,and decided to go back to my unit.At least i won't feel so left out there.Had fun mingling with the sec 1s!And found out that the more you scream at these kids,the more their sucky attitude will surface.

Had A level oral examinations today.Stumbled.I don't know why,think i've been speaking whole lot of english all this while now,unlike back then.

Back to my unit today again for their passing out parade.Soooo fast!!!!1 year has passed and another batch takes over...tears,joyous laughter,hugs and kisses were given to everybody.Such warmth...and i'm beginning to love the sec 1s!!oh man they have so much to learn and so much potential to give.Will definitely go back more often if i can..promise.:)

Kinda superficial nowadays.Can't help it.Its like being forced with people you don't want to work with,or they are stuck in your class,or they are around the friends you wanna be with.....etc etc...And...why do people have to be so cliquey..its...unfriendly.don't believe go check the dictionary.;)