Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Had like phobia getting up sooo early to get to sch today.Its like i have a strong lust for more sleep, and a unknown feeling that this term THREE is not getting betta anymore,with all the things looming over my head...gosh...ANd....yest i was thinking that there's nothing i pretty much look forward to in the school,nothing i look forward to in my entire 17yrs of life.I mean,look at me,have you seen me with any very very close friends?WIsh to hang around whole day with someone who would like just totally CLICK.I mean it,and its kinda hard to find isn't it??Nvm about that, lets see...got back most of my results today, didn't do well....or didn't do badly?lol,its kinda mix of both,coz generally its a FAIL,not one,but many....idiotic man...with this kind of results i would have to get retained at the end of the year if this shall maintain,and i figure that i most probably go to poly then coz ya,no way am i gonna get retained.....anyway,Ms Sim raWks,and i totally knew what she was teaching today,why isn't she our chem teacher?In that way it might save me from some agony....ahhhhhh