Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Monday was alrite....though heard some really grossed stuffs.....haha but nvm,i get to dance with me pretty teacher no.2~~!!yay!

damn damn happy man...today's teachers's day,decided to go to school since supposed to give the tamgotchi to the gullible pretty teacher....hee she rawks man...she was involved in two items and we didnt know.Only knew she was singing some chi song...the best show was the hip hop dance....and boy she was in it!!!!

Searched high and low coz we didnt know she was part of the group dancers.....till i say her...hee man she was totally fooled by us....and...she hugged us!!~~hehe....

Went back to amk ....got back with the peeps...miss them!!~~and how many long long years have i not seen wei shan?oh man its damn lot...miss ya gal!~

Saturday, August 28, 2004

WAH!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my sinister plot failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLUBBER!!!!!!!~~~~~it sux when some ppl are soooooo sticky and their brains are stuck at their ass and will never come off.Flubber and director shall think of more plots to save me....ARGH

All my saturdays are DAMN.School school and more school.MAD rush to cover the syllabus,tests,everything.Don't even have time for my kiddos in my unit.Miss them!~

Went out with EVE today.Hunted for pink Tamagotchi for our teacher!~yAys!!~~found it !~lolz

Why can't people have a mind of their own?sometimes its good to follow the crowd.ya i mean CROWD.But don't have to follow a specific person's decisions and ideas rite??~that is like....so unoriginal,fake and dumb.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Condemned to the core.Getting reprimanded everywhere.Its not that i'm desperate nor marks orientated.Shall accept all things that comes along.
NKF thingy tomorrow.Kinda excited.Shall meet new people!~

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Today.Normal ordinary nothin unsual whatsoever day.Though chem lesson we had nerd nerd Bernard who came and took over the lesson.lolx.Flubber cant stop luffing.Then there was tis hongkong test which was eng listening and weird and me and Ke Ni got so bored that we decided to play our tamagotchis during every interval.Heez.

Stayed back with flub to wait for her lift home.Saw the CCAs training.Kinda miss the days but....its boring.Rockclimbing ish betta.Slept till 8 and ate dinner and now im stilll slacking ard here.Dunno what im doing also.

Monday, August 23, 2004

LAte for school today.By the time i reached the bus stop it was like 7.10 and thre's no way the bus will arrive and drop me promptly.Not to mention all the running and it will end up to be a futile attempt coz Nathan will most prob be like a guard dog near the gate.So clever me decided to tk a cab!~hehe....so i reached sch via the front gate and saw CHUNG KING!!~~wah definitely did not make my day any better.BUT....i saw the pretty teacher no.2 next!!~~wohooo...at least sth to brighten up my day....

Donated BLOOD today.Yesh,thats the colour of me blood.Kinda overcome like 5% of my haemophobia.LOL.Its kinda freaky considered that one of my classmates pengz in the process,and i was like directly in front of him yet i didn't saw a thing coz the nurse was poking the needle into my fragile skin and i was staring and the stage....Razia said i will be totally freaked out if i was to have seen the scene,coz i was so terrified already.

My chi teacher was soooooo gullible!!!~~First time we tricked a teacher so easily.Ok it wasn't really me coz i just made a sentence and the rest continued the stupid lame shit.But she BELIEVED.Yes she did.And we are pros that we lied together spontaneously without even discussing the speech to say.THe story linked and yesh,she will be expecting a surprise on teachers' day.YAY!!!!Me boy need a mate!~

Lurve u bud!!~~Knew i can always find u for help.heHz

They say that donating blood will get fatter.oh realllllly.....

Sunday, August 22, 2004

A perfect Sunday for studying.RUINED.

I can just jump down from my storey and leave.

I can.

And you won't have to see me sticking out like a sore thumb.And you won;t get to scold me,SARCASTICALLY.

At least i will get praises from the angels in the sky.Or the devils in hell.

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Very excited!!Hehs...the pretty chi teacher want a tamagotchi!!yeS!!She is so damn funny loh those who were around her yest heard what crap she was speaking and its what the hell...once in a blue moon then can crap with her one...was deciding to buy her one with the class peeps today before chi paper.That is if she haven't buy it before teachers' day.Weeeeeee!!!~~~CAn't wait!!

Passed by SRJC today.Was wondering whether i would have a chance to meet my chiobu.Chiobu rawks man...hai too bad...fate did not bring me to her...wahahha....too bad....

Watched The Village.Super late lohs,coz no one wanna watch with me.Everybody watch with their CCA peeps or watever crap.Our class is hopeless when it comes to having some entertainment TOGETHER.

Doing my PW right now.PW.It just pisses me off.

Hafta finalise the class tee shirt.Heh.First time i offer my help.Should be honoured man.But seriously can't stand the delaying anymore when the shirt is like a memoir?Why should people care about the cost and forfeit the quality?Like that might as well go pasar malam go buy right...ArgGh

I need a study partner!!~

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

My chem rocks.Champion of all champions.Lowest among all level.GREAT.But is better than some people who are furiously copying during the chaotic scence after the chem test has ended right?Have some integrity man.WTH.

My Tamagotchi rocks!!Someone pls make friend with my tamaBoy....

GTG....tml got bio test....cannot afford to fail liaoz...anantha is such a nice person....

Saturday, August 14, 2004

GP test basically sucks today.BIG time.Though the essay paper was ok,the comprehension was a killer.Man...so it will just round up to be a failed paper.The teachers see my paper also will puke ...woooh....hope they survive through my illegible handwriting which was due to the stupid air con in the LT.Brrrr!!~

Bio lecture was kinda redundant.Cause i wasn't listening.Ok thats my fault.But,haha will understand it later...shall studiee!!~~yay!

Cut my hair today.WOh...its short...and dries up super fast after i shower.Long time never have this feeling le...wahahha....hehehe...why am i so proud of it?I dunno...wahha

Friday, August 13, 2004

Noticed that super long never touched my blog...kinda dunno where to start..lets see...

Woke up early in the morning.Supposed to wake up like way earlier,too bad,i'm such a pig.Went over to bud's house,did many stuffs in one day!yay!though i did slept for like an hour on da bed while she too slept,but on the floor...heehee
Think i had nothing much on this day cause i can't remember anything...lol
Had presentation.Relatively shorter than the rest,but what's the use of long presentations when not the whole class listens?
My stomach growled the whole day.Survived till i had dinner.WOW
Relatively quite day.Cause of some reasons.Had chemistry test,but still,i didn't manage to do all.Got the knowledge,but never even get to apply.So redundant studying chem.By the time i almost done with question 3,i looked up and saw the clock-11.05am.Ending time on da screen-11.07am.And i still left with one super long question nay do.I don't even know what was the question cause it was time to hand up.Feel so dumb.
Went our in search of Wei Sing's birthday present.Walked the whole orchard road and keep going to the same place like at least twice?lol.Got back REAL late...like ard 10plus?hee
I think econs lectures are kinda redundant nowadays cause i most probably be talking and copying and nothing's going in,might as well skip it and study yourself.I mean for the current chapter btw.
Our chinese teacher was like giving us feedback about our class and all.Some good things,some bad ones as well.But,haiz she so pretty lohs then the guys in my class keep breaking her heart...lol...
Went out with Eve to J8.Searched everywhere for something i want to give bud.wEe...
Tml's GP test.Gonna flung it anyway.

~Happy Birthday Wei Sing!~

Sunday, August 08, 2004

OMG...feel so guilty lohs...very sorry to my bud...

another OMG...so freaked out...don't ask me why,i feel so paiseh to say also...i just feel...so lost...

I still haven't do anything constructive...i'm so rotten...oh man..what is happening...

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Had fun yesterday at Ashley's house.Happy Birthday Ash!*hugs*Got dunked in the pool,and yahs,unfortunate things always happen with water for me.I hurt my ankle.Awww.....its stupid isn't it?Got dunked and i mislanded...Oh yahs...one of my sis's friend is pretty...pretty for me lahs...most people won't say so one...bleahs...

Didn't do any work till now lehs...So pig!!~~play play play...Must go study lahs girl!!~~~

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Am in the school library rite now.My favourite haunt recently.Keep skipping lectures.Now it's supposed to be GP.:P
Tong nv appear in school today.Mild food poisoning.Waha...greedy pig...lol...

You know how it feels when you told someone something,and the next minute that person is gonna do that with somebody else and instantly forgot that ME said that first?Hello??It's obvious of their priorities,and it appears that i'm right down on the bottom of their list.Great.Now i'm stuck with no plans for National Day.And the long weekends plus weekdays.

Wanna watch a lot of movies.The Village,She Hates Me(not shown yet,most probably RA),The Notebook,Gozu...bleahs i'm so greedy.Where to get that kind of money for soo many movies??Oh yah,i'm WANT a Tamagotchi!!~~Its the new version by the way...case you're outdated...bleahs

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Why issit that everytime things go wrong,its ALWAYS my fault?!