Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Am in the school library rite now.My favourite haunt recently.Keep skipping lectures.Now it's supposed to be GP.:P
Tong nv appear in school today.Mild food poisoning.Waha...greedy pig...lol...

You know how it feels when you told someone something,and the next minute that person is gonna do that with somebody else and instantly forgot that ME said that first?Hello??It's obvious of their priorities,and it appears that i'm right down on the bottom of their list.Great.Now i'm stuck with no plans for National Day.And the long weekends plus weekdays.

Wanna watch a lot of movies.The Village,She Hates Me(not shown yet,most probably RA),The Notebook,Gozu...bleahs i'm so greedy.Where to get that kind of money for soo many movies??Oh yah,i'm WANT a Tamagotchi!!~~Its the new version by the way...case you're outdated...bleahs