Friday, August 13, 2004

Noticed that super long never touched my blog...kinda dunno where to start..lets see...

Woke up early in the morning.Supposed to wake up like way earlier,too bad,i'm such a pig.Went over to bud's house,did many stuffs in one day!yay!though i did slept for like an hour on da bed while she too slept,but on the floor...heehee
Think i had nothing much on this day cause i can't remember
Had presentation.Relatively shorter than the rest,but what's the use of long presentations when not the whole class listens?
My stomach growled the whole day.Survived till i had dinner.WOW
Relatively quite day.Cause of some reasons.Had chemistry test,but still,i didn't manage to do all.Got the knowledge,but never even get to apply.So redundant studying chem.By the time i almost done with question 3,i looked up and saw the clock-11.05am.Ending time on da screen-11.07am.And i still left with one super long question nay do.I don't even know what was the question cause it was time to hand up.Feel so dumb.
Went our in search of Wei Sing's birthday present.Walked the whole orchard road and keep going to the same place like at least twice?lol.Got back REAL ard 10plus?hee
I think econs lectures are kinda redundant nowadays cause i most probably be talking and copying and nothing's going in,might as well skip it and study yourself.I mean for the current chapter btw.
Our chinese teacher was like giving us feedback about our class and all.Some good things,some bad ones as well.But,haiz she so pretty lohs then the guys in my class keep breaking her
Went out with Eve to J8.Searched everywhere for something i want to give bud.wEe...
Tml's GP test.Gonna flung it anyway.

~Happy Birthday Wei Sing!~