Saturday, August 21, 2004

Very excited!!Hehs...the pretty chi teacher want a tamagotchi!!yeS!!She is so damn funny loh those who were around her yest heard what crap she was speaking and its what the hell...once in a blue moon then can crap with her one...was deciding to buy her one with the class peeps today before chi paper.That is if she haven't buy it before teachers' day.Weeeeeee!!!~~~CAn't wait!!

Passed by SRJC today.Was wondering whether i would have a chance to meet my chiobu.Chiobu rawks man...hai too bad...fate did not bring me to her...wahahha....too bad....

Watched The Village.Super late lohs,coz no one wanna watch with me.Everybody watch with their CCA peeps or watever crap.Our class is hopeless when it comes to having some entertainment TOGETHER.

Doing my PW right now.PW.It just pisses me off.

Hafta finalise the class tee shirt.Heh.First time i offer my help.Should be honoured man.But seriously can't stand the delaying anymore when the shirt is like a memoir?Why should people care about the cost and forfeit the quality?Like that might as well go pasar malam go buy right...ArgGh

I need a study partner!!~