Saturday, August 28, 2004

WAH!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~my sinister plot failed!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLUBBER!!!!!!!~~~~~it sux when some ppl are soooooo sticky and their brains are stuck at their ass and will never come off.Flubber and director shall think of more plots to save me....ARGH

All my saturdays are DAMN.School school and more school.MAD rush to cover the syllabus,tests,everything.Don't even have time for my kiddos in my unit.Miss them!~

Went out with EVE today.Hunted for pink Tamagotchi for our teacher!~yAys!!~~found it !~lolz

Why can't people have a mind of their own?sometimes its good to follow the crowd.ya i mean CROWD.But don't have to follow a specific person's decisions and ideas rite??~that is unoriginal,fake and dumb.