Thursday, September 30, 2004

This blog is getting a tat too dusty...*blows the dust away* By now people will be thinking i'm busy mugging,but hell not really.Its just maybe life gets a bit monotonous sometimes, so there's nothing really to be excited about.

Signing up for attachment in Australia.Hope got people go so tt we can have fun.And must be those damn on one otherwise i will be bored to death and may end up playing with da kangaroos *cold*....haha...
My first wk of Nov will be taken up as well by camps (IF they want a big time slacker like me.But i'm being enthu now so ya...).Might as well be busy, coz later i will be like attempting to organise things which will most probably be a flop.
Mid Nov will be spent working in da Zoo!Anybody else interested come on sign up with me!!~~I want my deugong!!~

OH BIG BIG obstacle before all these.....PROMOS!~arghss...MY chem teacher Mr Loh says he want to see me after Promos!!~Oh no!~Will he be persuading me to drop subject??Shit!~

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Now i think i really got something against guys...they irk me.But don't worry coz some are in my exceptions list.And don't worry to some too coz i can just be superficial and talk to you.You get what i mean...i do tt always to ppl regardless of sexes.Call tt acquaintance to be nicer.AND don't be to cocky and think you r in my exception list.Unexpected things happen ya know.i HATE ego.Show it and i will bash u up.Ok not bash but i shall curse u.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Once again i've failed in my handling of things.I'm like a SUPER DUPER BIG bottle bottling up stuffs and won't explode....pls lahs i need peeps to release em not i go and pour em out....i'm liddat and it always has been....It always happen when u get too close with a person and everything suddenly changed...backfire....once again....i'm so afraid of such outcomes and it has come to haunt me again...

Thought of the day:Why issit that when guys are around guys,and gals like us talk to em,what you get is like an irritated gua lan reply unlike the usual?doesn't it comes down to a three letter word called EGO ??Its idiotic.

Okay i'm slow and not studying and thinking bout such stuffs.Just tag me and gif me some reasons y guys are liddat!~
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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Abandon me.Abandon me when i reach 21.Isn't that what you guys do to daughters?WE are just useless fools wasting your money for the past year.Its a waste.You can't take pressure,so what?I can't sleep.I can't be tired.Only you can.Cause you are working to earn money and i'm just seen to be slacking around.

Fend for myself.You want me to get a job right?No need education right?Fine.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sheesh.SO many thoughts.My mind is supposed to be empty except for the content that is required for promos.

My social life is getting really, really boring.Ask me to talk about my day and i will simply go, "huh"?That explains a lot rite?How sad.The people i hang around are countable by your hands alone.No one calls to crap.I'm quite alone now really.Though sometimes,some,i feel so not alone.

I'm one who seem to close up,but prompt me at the right time and i will say it.Obstacles seem to block me and people,it's hard for me to control but can u just go away?

Everybody ard me talks abt love.Trapped in this wonderful word.Its just four letters and it seems to contain much more.It will drown you.Make you lose all senses.Many definitions,many sayings...blah blah....Oh man but i believe in accidental love right now.That's my definition...kewl...

Guess i need more love than others.I can't get it anywhere ard the house.It's void of feelings.Even if i'm in pain,i'm the cause of my own pain.Great.Just when i need some care.Make me feel so not the eldest.Make me feel so wanted.

End of my incessant craps.My gastric pain is coming back.After one year.And nobody cares.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Accidently in Love......yeah....

Friday, September 03, 2004

My tamagotchi died!!~~arhgsssssss FLUB died!!~~~Was still playing with e pretty teacher this afternooon lohs!!~~and it died after i was on e way home from rockclimbing...huhs!~HAIZ


Thursday, September 02, 2004

Its fun when the teacher is sooo damn gullible and completely innocently idiot abt tamagotchis.She's so fun!~~

Went to have lunch.Should i say high tea?lol just had a meal lahs with liPing and winnie.Bitching about our lives and everybody else's.

I'm kinda lagging.But shoving that aside,i'm gonna rockclimb tml!!Its damn long since i have the feeling of having my hands and legs strained.Hell yeah.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Had fun yesterday...was luffing and luffing all the way....
I desperately need someone to control me.Make me study.Make me wake up early and study!~