Thursday, September 16, 2004

Once again i've failed in my handling of things.I'm like a SUPER DUPER BIG bottle bottling up stuffs and won't explode....pls lahs i need peeps to release em not i go and pour em out....i'm liddat and it always has been....It always happen when u get too close with a person and everything suddenly changed...backfire....once again....i'm so afraid of such outcomes and it has come to haunt me again...

Thought of the day:Why issit that when guys are around guys,and gals like us talk to em,what you get is like an irritated gua lan reply unlike the usual?doesn't it comes down to a three letter word called EGO ??Its idiotic.

Okay i'm slow and not studying and thinking bout such stuffs.Just tag me and gif me some reasons y guys are liddat!~
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