Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Sheesh.SO many thoughts.My mind is supposed to be empty except for the content that is required for promos.

My social life is getting really, really boring.Ask me to talk about my day and i will simply go, "huh"?That explains a lot rite?How sad.The people i hang around are countable by your hands alone.No one calls to crap.I'm quite alone now really.Though sometimes,some,i feel so not alone.

I'm one who seem to close up,but prompt me at the right time and i will say it.Obstacles seem to block me and people,it's hard for me to control but can u just go away?

Everybody ard me talks abt love.Trapped in this wonderful word.Its just four letters and it seems to contain much more.It will drown you.Make you lose all senses.Many definitions,many sayings...blah blah....Oh man but i believe in accidental love right now.That's my definition...kewl...

Guess i need more love than others.I can't get it anywhere ard the house.It's void of feelings.Even if i'm in pain,i'm the cause of my own pain.Great.Just when i need some care.Make me feel so not the eldest.Make me feel so wanted.

End of my incessant craps.My gastric pain is coming back.After one year.And nobody cares.