Thursday, September 30, 2004

This blog is getting a tat too dusty...*blows the dust away* By now people will be thinking i'm busy mugging,but hell not really.Its just maybe life gets a bit monotonous sometimes, so there's nothing really to be excited about.

Signing up for attachment in Australia.Hope got people go so tt we can have fun.And must be those damn on one otherwise i will be bored to death and may end up playing with da kangaroos *cold*....haha...
My first wk of Nov will be taken up as well by camps (IF they want a big time slacker like me.But i'm being enthu now so ya...).Might as well be busy, coz later i will be like attempting to organise things which will most probably be a flop.
Mid Nov will be spent working in da Zoo!Anybody else interested come on sign up with me!!~~I want my deugong!!~

OH BIG BIG obstacle before all these.....PROMOS!~arghss...MY chem teacher Mr Loh says he want to see me after Promos!!~Oh no!~Will he be persuading me to drop subject??Shit!~