Thursday, November 18, 2004

Actually wanted to do something real evil.But guess what?I've decided to be an Devil in disguise, and be good for now!Hehe.

Hmmm will be away fer awhile soon.Miss me people?I think only those who know whats going on will know bahs.Those who are just so superficial....Ha bleah i lost what i'm thinking already.

And my job is confirmed.ha think so unless i choose to reject?lol rejection shld be done by the employer not the to be employee.That's so funny.Ok its not.lalala

Found some stupid pranks.I think if tried on peeps they will most prob get pissed.Oh whatever just read on.And most prob invented by guys.The methods used are relatively similar;)

Prank 1:Find a friend or an enemy, get some tampons and pads... get some red dye and put them on the tampons and pads... wait until they dry so they wont get over everything... then place them in their book bag, or purse, something where they would have to look in to the bag/purse. Just be sure not to get caught.

Prank 2:There have been some sorry posts here lately, so hopefully this will improve things a bit. You will only need an unsuspecting victim, and a sanitary pad, not a tampon. You can enlist a girl to purchase one from the vending machine in the bathroom, or just go in there and buy one yourself. I suppose you could just bring one from home, but that wouldn’t be as funny. Remove the wax paper, exposing the adhesive. Walk behind your "mark," say something like "Hey, how’s it going?", and give him a friendly pat on the back, sticking the pad in the process. Then watch as the schmuck walks around school all day with a pad on his back. I did this once, and even the teachers didn’t tell him what had happened!

Stupid right?And here's the caution:
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