Monday, November 15, 2004

Had a stupid dream last nite.Was tking geog papers.Now you're thinking, wat the hell?
Location: Some hall. (dunno which sch watever coz its dark.quasion!)
Now we are seat unlike the usual facing the stage thing, but facing each other.YUPS. Two rows merge and we sit facing each other.
Exam starts.
And ppl started toking!Cheating with the deaf teachers walking around ignorant of whats going on.And with the lights still off, i doubt they can see wassup with us.The questions on the paper?Cant remember.
Me?Was cheating obviously lah!wat geog paper i dun even know.And i forgot to bring my calculators.But i dun even know geog need calculators!
...................And.................the dream ended just like that.Any meaning to this?