Thursday, December 30, 2004

Lets see....i'm broke.What's new.but thats not the point.Went shopping from orchard ta ikea ta queensway then to orchard then ....Its damn long.Endurance training!But bought many things lahs.Ok not alot but dunno y alot money gone sians money flow like water.......Bought shoes,stuffs for my not very organised table.Still in need of more stuffs but shan't be so greedy ya.BUT BUT really really want that belt at Pacific Plaza~~~~~!$29bucks and its shuper nice tts wad my stupid pants lack now sho plainy looking.

oh Oh oh i tell wallet not found in Singapore!yes!haha i dunno y im high over it but well ...oh well.....hahahhahahahahhaha....both my wallets not found here tts y abit zhuai.sorry lahs.