Thursday, January 20, 2005

I haven't have such freedom in school for quite some time.Freedom to be where i wanna be.No waitings.No whinings.Staying cool and crapping my days away.It seems like a reminiscence of last time when i used to hang out with da guys in school and get dissed.Oh heck whatever.Its not my fault anyways coz things changed alot this year yea.

Recently i have this teacher officer who's pretty!Oh gosh!haha now i have:
My chio bu frm sr and cute girl frm sr (now grad le)
Pretty teacher 1 2 3 all lined up!
Chio bu frm....haha my recent catch of course!

You know,days without guys to look at...are days girls oogle around their own sexes.*drools
But oh well,guys do have this sense of security thing,as recently a muscleman revealed....hahaha ok.....private jokes here....