Sunday, January 02, 2005

Its 2005 now and sch's round the corner in bout few hrs.DreAded.

I never finished my chem again and preparing myself for the worst.CAlm.

My biological clock's mad now i can stretch till wee hours of the morning.BaD.

I dunno what to expect from my school,my class,my school.REpeaTing.

I'm broke yet again but well...WELL?

I'm happy coz someone is sho sweet but i ain't moved in a very unplatonic manner.NuMb.

I creating something out of my own power but that will mean sweat and blood.TSk.

Finally 2005 will end with the A levels.Duh.

And then i will once again hope my life will be better as usual.WaSsuP.

I shall end my ranting here before the com goes mad.I need to erase my com stuffs.SaD.