Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm back again at this freaking late time and i don't feel like sleeping cause i rarely get a chance to stay up late.I was so damn bored at home,burned 2 epi of season 2's (you know what show tt is),and cant resist the temptation of the vcds in my hands.So naturally i watched it,and it left me hanging there craving for more,but the com is still busy doing the conversions and all.Sighs.

My sis's out buying sth for me to eat,and this most prolly it like a bribe to prevent me from spilling tt she's out have supper.Hahas.

I've learnt a new way to say 'i love you'-Ich liebe dich.But i don't know how to pronounce coz Ann doesn't know how to teach me online.And we can't hear each other.

I don't know why i'm saying all these here.I'm kinda bored anyways.

Your Birthdate: March 26
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In this environment you have the skills to work very well with others thanks to the 2 and 6 energies combining in this date.
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You are efficient and handle money very well.
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You are conscientious and not afraid of responsibility.

Generally sociable and diplomatic, you tend to use persuasion rather than force.
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Friday, May 27, 2005

The Great Singapore Sale starts today!

Woohoo.Anyways was in town with Eve,and went ta buy the poodle for KeNi.Honestly the poodle's ugly,but well KeNi's a collector of weird poodles,fish pokemon,and a buttless chicken.Tsk.
Saw a nice band but Eve keep telling me not to buy.Hmmms.
Btw Topshop's fun ta be at when the sales are in...wEeE there are lotsa happy shoppers in there,i will go there again within the GSS period.

We had an close encounter with buttless chicken on our way home.I saw buttless chicken walking in the opposite direction.Not the one KeNi owns kaes...she owns a miniature version of him.But anyways i was the one who spotted his scrawny size and i tried to hide.Eve was kinda blind and we had to turn to spot him again.He's with this other guy,but the eeeww factor was he's carrying this NICE Crumpler bag but wearing this UGLY slippers with long pants.Minus 10thousand points for that!
I think he must be in the GSS mood.He maybe searching for shoes and slippers do the convenience of trying tons of shoes without getting tired.
I'm traumatised.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blogging at night is a hassle,coz the number of late night bloggers are huge.You don't have to know it,you just sense the slowness of the blog to load and all.OR my internet provider's cheating me of my money.

I just wanna get by tomorrow and it will be the "HoLs".Yes,the hOoOoLsSs....

My friend said i'm getting eyebags which is horrendous.That was yesterday.
My sis commented on how fat i look now.That's today.
What to do?
Someone please pull me out of the tv screen and the bed.
Or else i'm turning into an old hag.


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The internet connection is so slow right now!
I wannna dl the clips can.
Stupid internet traffic.

->Race,religion,identity.Why must it stir conflicts.Its saddening.
I hate it.Especially when it comes to religions.Don't quote me cause its just my opinion.
Having a alternative lifestyle ain't mean a depraved life.No "higher authority" can take what you should deserve,yearned and hoped for.
I'm sad.

Lauren Lee Smith.Cute.That's all.I'm still faithful.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I'm tired.
I still in my search.
Sudden thoughts of no.13.
My no.13.

I run an illegal company.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

I totally love my new background.*gives myself a pat*

To khai:Alex's mine!

To WenLin:I tell you i'm falling in love with Shane's voice.Be glad i haven't fall in love with her totally k...I'm still faithful to Alex.

To Eve:The note was made by ME!!I knew u would write and ask who it was.Bleah i love being anoynomous.

Hmmm tts bout it.Off to my tedious burning session.My eye's a bit swollen.Did'nt realised till Yas told me.OMG.

Oh.I haven't touch any work.Good luck to me.

Friday, May 20, 2005

School is getting redundant.Not that i will be hardworking at home.Next week is the last week of school.I can bid my eerie fellas whom i'm fated to see everyday farewell for now (that will be curriepok and duck thank you).And farewell to my "once tot was gonna be forver friends" erm frens

I think my com is as lazy as me.Like what my sis said,don't wake the com up early at 8AM coz it's still sleeping and most probably would throw a tantrum and makes you irritated.

I got irritated.

It did refuse to switch on the blardy monitor though the power switch was on.Or it will give me funny error messages.Or it will stone halfway during startups,like a zombie who freezes right in front of your weary eyes.My eyes hurt btw.Someone jabbed me eye in the middle of the night for sneaking previews of L word i think.

Stupid.Wasted my time.I need time to convert my L Word.TIME TIME TIME!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I officially high right now.Oh no,not right now,more of like 1hr plus ago.My L Word is officially complete.I withstood my excitement for 5min.Then 10.Then 15.I can't take it and had to share with people.I'm so so lousy.I think my mouth can't hold juicy,highly exciting stuffs.It just oozes out.Its not slimy.Its sweet and tingles.Wahah wth am i talking already.

I think blog is another mean for me to spill.It's getting official my mouth's quite big that my nervous system can't control.

I ditched my Bio notes aside.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Disorientated-Delta Goodrem

Looking for a different space
Searching for my inner place
Out of patience out of balance out of time
Out of breath out of focus these shapes in my mind

Who is this face I see
Why is this happening to me
Out of patience out of balance out of time
Out of breath out of focus these shapes in my mind

Things are changing
So much arranging of my life
I must take hold
I'll keep on spinning until I find myself again

So I woke up and there's the moon
Seems to have risen just a little soon
But who's calling out my name anyway?

I'm disorientated
I'm trying not to be jaded
When it's all so complicated
'cause I'm a little disorientated

Walking in a different space
Looking back just incase
Out of patience out of balance out of time
Out of breath out of focus these shapes in my mind

Love is forever
Hate was in the never
Out of patience out of balance out of time
Out of breath out of focus these shapes in my mind

Things are changing
So much arranging of my life
I must take hold
I'll keep on spinning until I find myself again

So I woke up and there's the clock
It was ticking backwards had I forgot
But what day is it anyway

I'm disorientated
I'm trying not to be jaded
When it's all so complicated
'Cause I'm a little disorientated

Things are changing
So much arranging of my life
I must take hold
I'll keep on spinning until I find myself again

So I woke up and saw the sun
Seems like my life has just begun
How 'bout I start it today anyway

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I'm a self-declared forum addict!
I just joined another forum.Shit larhs.This would make me hooked forever.
And i'm totally swinging over.

Image Hosted by

Natalie Portman is now bald!Gotta catch her in Star Wars.This pic's from the Cannes held recently.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

I don't know why in every blog i popped into,it seems they have been away for a long time due to problems with their com.Just like ME.Lolz i'm glad.*evil*

I think perhaps my blog need some advertisements.

You are White Chocolate

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You are an understated beauty, and your power is often underestimated!

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I think what's sweet is the strawberry!

Friday, May 13, 2005

(Patrick Rush: Casting "The O.C."
The man behind the casting of "The O.C." previously discovered the once unknown casts of "Party Of Five" and "Dawson's Creek." Check out what this L.A. native has to say about the gig and all the casting 411 in the 949.
article snippet

Sounds like you're casting different shows at the same time. Do you remember actors that end up not getting a role for one show and bring them back for others?
PR: Yeah, I do. On "The O.C.," there was a girl who tested against Mischa Barton for the role of Marissa-an actress named Olivia Wilde. After she didn't get "The O.C." role, I was hired for a week to find the girl for "Skin," because two or three other casting directors had quit or been fired and if they didn't find someone in a week they'd have to maybe shut down production. Anyway, I loved Olivia Wilde so I brought her in and she ended up getting the role on "Skin." Interestingly enough, she's now on "The O.C." this year in a big role. )

What the hell!!If she was chosen i could have watched like 51++ episodes of HER!
How do they choose the cast man.First it was DJ who Jesse Metcalfe auditioned.And he got turned down and ended up some totaly unhot fella in.And Olivia got the kick before too!Not that Mischa is unhot.She is HOT.But i still want olivia!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

2 male hamsters were on the loose on Monday, 9th May 2005.

Location:My home sweet home.

Detail:Due to the rapid reproduction of hamsters in my house,and of course these 2 dumb sperm producing hamsters were the culprit.Yes.Their neverending sex drive.My sis did a shuffling of these hamsters and the 2 dumb blokes ended up in a tissue paper box.The top was covered by wooden disposible chopsticks.(to think my sis's taking D&T)And they struggled to get back to their cosy hotel which they shared with two helpless female kinds.My sis thought they were neither clever nor tall enough to attack the chopsticks above their head.And they might have to stay there for a couple of days till we find a willing owner to take in these two bastards who together won't produce future offsprings.

And so she thought.

My brother came home after school and decided to see how the hamsters were doing.(he's a caring chap kaes).And he found the box empty and the chopsticks were flimsily hanging for dear life.Don't ask me how they managed to escape,coz i ain't know a hamster's brain.

The Search began.

One was found near my Tv socket which is like 5 m away from the site of escape. Small little white pieces were found scattered on the floor amongst its bits of poop hanging around the escape route.It was eraser bits.The poor hamster's mouth was ballon-ing up with pieces of eraser.My brother squeezed its mouth forcing it to spit out.And it was sent back to its miserable tissue box.It became quiet.For a while i thought it was going to die of eraser poisoning.Serve him right.

The other was not found even when i got home.Every room was searched.My mum thought it ran to the kitchen and got stuck in the small little hole which serves as the drainage.If so it will be gone.

My mum did her usual laundry and dumped the clothes into the washing machine.The vigorous churning of clothes began,and a black little thing ran out from the back of the washing machine,startled by how it could have made the noise.Two lady (Mum and Sis)ran after it,and it bit my mum in a mad rush to escape.

Where they are now:They were sent to a willing owner who's a friend of my sis.Hope they don't die of complications due to eraser poisoning or deafening due to the washing machine.

Good luck and don't gay around.

Friday, May 06, 2005

I Look At Young Girls Now

I look at young girls now in their tight crushed velour skin tight sky blue hip huggers
with the baby doll tank tops and I think I've been there.
God, have I been there.
Sixteen years old and wrestling with an overwhelming newfound sexuality,
Parading it in all its raw and awkward charm.
I had a pair of vintage burgundy velvet short- shorts that laced up the sides from the 1920s
and I wore them with a tight leotard and a plastic faux pearl choker
showing off all my lanky leggy blossoming youth on the verge of womanhood for all the free world to see with no idea how to keep a secret,
especially my own.

From A Night Without Armour
by Jewel Kilcher