Wednesday, May 11, 2005

2 male hamsters were on the loose on Monday, 9th May 2005.

Location:My home sweet home.

Detail:Due to the rapid reproduction of hamsters in my house,and of course these 2 dumb sperm producing hamsters were the culprit.Yes.Their neverending sex drive.My sis did a shuffling of these hamsters and the 2 dumb blokes ended up in a tissue paper box.The top was covered by wooden disposible chopsticks.(to think my sis's taking D&T)And they struggled to get back to their cosy hotel which they shared with two helpless female kinds.My sis thought they were neither clever nor tall enough to attack the chopsticks above their head.And they might have to stay there for a couple of days till we find a willing owner to take in these two bastards who together won't produce future offsprings.

And so she thought.

My brother came home after school and decided to see how the hamsters were doing.(he's a caring chap kaes).And he found the box empty and the chopsticks were flimsily hanging for dear life.Don't ask me how they managed to escape,coz i ain't know a hamster's brain.

The Search began.

One was found near my Tv socket which is like 5 m away from the site of escape. Small little white pieces were found scattered on the floor amongst its bits of poop hanging around the escape route.It was eraser bits.The poor hamster's mouth was ballon-ing up with pieces of eraser.My brother squeezed its mouth forcing it to spit out.And it was sent back to its miserable tissue box.It became quiet.For a while i thought it was going to die of eraser poisoning.Serve him right.

The other was not found even when i got home.Every room was searched.My mum thought it ran to the kitchen and got stuck in the small little hole which serves as the drainage.If so it will be gone.

My mum did her usual laundry and dumped the clothes into the washing machine.The vigorous churning of clothes began,and a black little thing ran out from the back of the washing machine,startled by how it could have made the noise.Two lady (Mum and Sis)ran after it,and it bit my mum in a mad rush to escape.

Where they are now:They were sent to a willing owner who's a friend of my sis.Hope they don't die of complications due to eraser poisoning or deafening due to the washing machine.

Good luck and don't gay around.