Friday, May 27, 2005

The Great Singapore Sale starts today!

Woohoo.Anyways was in town with Eve,and went ta buy the poodle for KeNi.Honestly the poodle's ugly,but well KeNi's a collector of weird poodles,fish pokemon,and a buttless chicken.Tsk.
Saw a nice band but Eve keep telling me not to buy.Hmmms.
Btw Topshop's fun ta be at when the sales are in...wEeE there are lotsa happy shoppers in there,i will go there again within the GSS period.

We had an close encounter with buttless chicken on our way home.I saw buttless chicken walking in the opposite direction.Not the one KeNi owns kaes...she owns a miniature version of him.But anyways i was the one who spotted his scrawny size and i tried to hide.Eve was kinda blind and we had to turn to spot him again.He's with this other guy,but the eeeww factor was he's carrying this NICE Crumpler bag but wearing this UGLY slippers with long pants.Minus 10thousand points for that!
I think he must be in the GSS mood.He maybe searching for shoes and slippers do the convenience of trying tons of shoes without getting tired.
I'm traumatised.