Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm back again at this freaking late time and i don't feel like sleeping cause i rarely get a chance to stay up late.I was so damn bored at home,burned 2 epi of season 2's (you know what show tt is),and cant resist the temptation of the vcds in my hands.So naturally i watched it,and it left me hanging there craving for more,but the com is still busy doing the conversions and all.Sighs.

My sis's out buying sth for me to eat,and this most prolly it like a bribe to prevent me from spilling tt she's out have supper.Hahas.

I've learnt a new way to say 'i love you'-Ich liebe dich.But i don't know how to pronounce coz Ann doesn't know how to teach me online.And we can't hear each other.

I don't know why i'm saying all these here.I'm kinda bored anyways.