Friday, May 13, 2005

(Patrick Rush: Casting "The O.C."
The man behind the casting of "The O.C." previously discovered the once unknown casts of "Party Of Five" and "Dawson's Creek." Check out what this L.A. native has to say about the gig and all the casting 411 in the 949.
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Sounds like you're casting different shows at the same time. Do you remember actors that end up not getting a role for one show and bring them back for others?
PR: Yeah, I do. On "The O.C.," there was a girl who tested against Mischa Barton for the role of Marissa-an actress named Olivia Wilde. After she didn't get "The O.C." role, I was hired for a week to find the girl for "Skin," because two or three other casting directors had quit or been fired and if they didn't find someone in a week they'd have to maybe shut down production. Anyway, I loved Olivia Wilde so I brought her in and she ended up getting the role on "Skin." Interestingly enough, she's now on "The O.C." this year in a big role. )

What the hell!!If she was chosen i could have watched like 51++ episodes of HER!
How do they choose the cast man.First it was DJ who Jesse Metcalfe auditioned.And he got turned down and ended up some totaly unhot fella in.And Olivia got the kick before too!Not that Mischa is unhot.She is HOT.But i still want olivia!