Friday, May 20, 2005

School is getting redundant.Not that i will be hardworking at home.Next week is the last week of school.I can bid my eerie fellas whom i'm fated to see everyday farewell for now (that will be curriepok and duck thank you).And farewell to my "once tot was gonna be forver friends" erm frens

I think my com is as lazy as me.Like what my sis said,don't wake the com up early at 8AM coz it's still sleeping and most probably would throw a tantrum and makes you irritated.

I got irritated.

It did refuse to switch on the blardy monitor though the power switch was on.Or it will give me funny error messages.Or it will stone halfway during startups,like a zombie who freezes right in front of your weary eyes.My eyes hurt btw.Someone jabbed me eye in the middle of the night for sneaking previews of L word i think.

Stupid.Wasted my time.I need time to convert my L Word.TIME TIME TIME!!!