Friday, June 17, 2005

Another set of rants.Seems like i have nothing happy to talk about.

1.I still have my weekends empty.E.M.P.T.Y.I think i haven't got much friends.

2.I love talking to my online peeps but i would have to like log in at night to talk to them with my irritating siblings around.

3.I'm 18 yet my Dad keep asking me for consent forms.What the heck is that?I'm 18 and i prolly don't even need consent forms for blood donation already.

4.My Mum thinks i would set the house on fire when they're not around.Or welcome the ants in and roam about the rubbish.I think i would be too lazy to go buy food much less even touch the gas stove so just be prepared to see a huge piece of junk lying on the ground with crawling ants.

5.I'm still getting irritated.

Still.I'm sad too.