Thursday, June 16, 2005

I find myself constantly adding entries,but this is my only outlet to rant.

1.My foot is an eyesore.Feet actually,coz there's two.There's like 3 blisters,two on my right foot and the other on my left.They look like bubbles.Like some malignant lump growing out of my toes.

2.I'm not studying still,and am extremely excited bout playing with photoshop.C'mon u can send me some photos and let me do something 'nice' to it.

3.My hand is like so old.Like 18yrs times 2.I need ta take care of it from now on.I'm gonna shop for hand moisturisers.

4.I think i went through another phase of famine.Since yesterday morning.But i'm not asking for any sympathy.

5.My house would be empty for 4 days,but 2 of it i would be away at camp.Someone please come over.Its a rare thing that my parents decided to allow me to be home alone.

6.I seriously need an ipod.My sis stole my discman.I need my preferred music to study.Radio songs are too repetitive to stick to em.I can even recite their ads on air.I want nothing but ipod coz i want big BIG storage.

7.I beginning to keep myself happier with mundane things i amuse myself with.It's saddening but at least it keeps me happy for the moment.


I'm on my way to recovery.I just need to empty out my bottle.