Thursday, June 16, 2005

I'm softhearted.I really am.These past weeks,months or whatever i've been tolerating people's nonsense.And sometimes it hurts me badly inside.I feel like a voodoo doll being stabbed,bleed and thrown.I'm angry,but there's nowhere to vent my anger.I would always say i'm fine,but sometimes its not very much so.It hurts when people can go on bout themselves and not caring once for you.Or me for that matter.I feel like i'm being used and every single part of me is taken for granted.I know this is contradicting to the happy moment i had at DXO but that was shortlived happiness.
I need a hug,a kiss,basically tender loving care.I need to feel loved and wanted but not USED.I'm so not getting love.Everything here now is bout me.Me,mE,MEee.I don't care what people think i'm writing here cause this is my blog.