Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The night at Lucie Silvas performance was awesome.Insanely so.DXO complex is classy,upbeat,and wohoh the seats are comfy!For lazy bummers like me with aching butts,it sure soothes the aches ..arhs...hahas.Oh the DJ area on 2nd level is!
I'm glad we explored the place.Cause while exploring,Ms Lucie came out of her VIP room and walked past us!Oh,and of course we didnt forget to grab the chance and take a photo.OH man i think we were lucky to catch her.I mean,the crowd like dispersed immediately after the gig.All the old aunties(erhem...maybe lets just say they don't get what's happening but won the pass and didnt wanna waste it)left the moment the host said "Thank you very much".kaboom!They're gone.So wasted.Why let them win man.
Great night.