Saturday, July 30, 2005

Got dragged outta bed today.Omg it was darn early.Got ready within an hour.How fast can i get?
Muggin session was great.National Library is farking big.The staffs guarding the levels were irritating.Wanted ta find our dear aunt who's one of the managers there.She nv pick up our call.Sighs.

Oooo went Toys r Us!Weees.Not tt fun,but oh wells,WE are darn lame ppl.
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-When the LADY meets the BEE!-

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My sis said she gets disgusted by this picture larhs.

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May she be disgusted of herself.=)

Friday, July 29, 2005

A dose of Shane and Carmen doesn't hurt.
No not at all.
Damn why can't them be more consistent?-faints-
One dose today.Hotness.Omg.Please write more!

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A villlain was created last night (28/7/05).
BEWARE:It holds a hidden weapon.
Don't underestimate it just because it came out of a lollipop capsule.

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WE reckoned that a primary school work can be very subjective.If only they can argue their way out just like us: apple contains sugar(sweet)and can be cold
3.A cake can be kept refrigerated what!And it's SWEET.

Any of the options are correct.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Harlow harlow!!
Today's GREAT.Had only an hour in sch.Self declared timetable rawks my socks.I'm sucha genius.
The sun's shining oh so brightly today,signifying a great great day ahead!
My neopet stocks are rising and i'm gonna earning tens of thousands.Richness.wee.
Oh yes,i FED my neopet today.Nobody shall say that i ill-treat my pet already k!-Grins-
Goodyness,i shall go wash my pile of clothes.I'm so hardworking ehs?

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I miss those who are away.Away from me.
Come back please.
Life in school is really horrible.
I will study hard though.

Daily dosage of milk and caffeine.I wanna be awake and grow tall!haha!
Random random.

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The above pictures simply shows that my table is quite redundant.It's under-utilised.
Can't help it.Coz the floor is way bigger.I demand space.hahas!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

As i read,tears welled.
I'm not sad.
It's jealousy
I fell into it
Cleverness got the better of me.

din mean to probe.

~Hanging by a moment.Lifehouse~

Monday, July 25, 2005

Don't bother enticing me to go to sch.There's nothing to look forward to it.Really.
Zombifying around school today.-faints-.
My handphone is the only way i can tide thru school.
Friggin lame.

4 new songs!yes!
I'm so gonna spread my joy.
But to who?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Arcade cum studying session was fun today.
I think we always get irritated by stuffs while studying.Alamaks that stupid boy with that supid toy.
And i won a boy in daytona.i drove an AUTO. he drove a MANUAL.sheeesh.

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okay i was supposed to be studying.But my colouring is not bad also.Haha!

Stumbled on the song Maybe Tomorrow by Stereophonics.
It's the song on the movie Wicker Park!
Another mp3 cd. library's expanding.

Do you know why i'm outta the house?
Do you really think i'm having fun outside?
Im friggin ALONE out there.Studying.ALONE.
And i'm not rich.Though i don't eat at home.You don't gimme tt friggin much money ya know.

I tell ya,i'm getting away from YOU.
Don't keep assuming for who i am not.
Coz i simply can't stand it.
I wanted to scream but i held on.

I cry.
Do you even see the tears in my eyes?
I'm right in front of ya.
Yet you overlooked my very existence.
I'm amazed at your blindness.

I can't help but to drown myself in music.
I'm still crying.
Yes,i'm not that strong.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Delta Goodrem.
A new chapter of my life
Started the day
When I thought It could be my last
My eyes were wide shut but I hadn't given up
Just thought I'd be walking the world alone

Out of the blue
There I met you
Showed me a life I can't see without you
And theres just no way
That I can fight these emotions
Your energy running through me
Nobody can renew me like you

Out of the blue
Can this be true?

Family and friends they were my life
I wasn't one for butterflies
But you gave me love that I can't disguise
And there will be times when we're apart
I want you to know you're in my heart
Growing into a beautiful garden

No emotions
My whole body felt like ice
Needed to feel that the sun would shine my way
My world had turned to dust
But I had my faith and trust
Just thought I'd be walking the world alone

Family and friends they were my life
I wasn't one for butterflies
But you gave me love that I can't disguise
And there will be times when we're apart
I want you to know you're in my heart
Growing into a beautiful garden

Out of the blue There I met you
I can"t believe that this happened so soon
And theres just no way
That I can fight these emotions
Your energy running through me
(Out of the blue)
(There I met you)
(Showed me a life) I can't see without you

(Out of the blue) Without you
There I met you, you
(Showed me a life) I can't see without you
There will be times when we're apart
I want you to know you're in my heart
Growing into a beautiful garden (Finally come true)
(Out of the blue)
(There I met you)
Finally i have all her songs!
encore encore encore

Studying session ended.Officially nothing to do.
Today's my hyper day.I don't know why
I'm gonna leave the house.Find something to do.Why is everybody booked today?
Oooo.The folks are back.
Can't watch Sin City alr.Sighs.

I think i'm being home-schooled.Wahahas.Die Die Die.
Hmmm.Bumming ard.
Gonna go study w dap later.So cool.I'm wide awake n i'm dressed and ready ta go.
I look like a boy today.
Should be in school playing v-ball.I love v-ball.
I better become a excuse letter generator or something.Whee.
I miss everyone.Though i'm an anti-socialite.
So you ppl shall miss me instead.:x


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yes.I'm a slacker.I skip school.
Whatever man.
Your words just pisses me off everyday
Budden,i'm a great pretender.
Master of ignorance.

~Its amazing how words need not be audible.
~Yet brightens up my day.
~Maybe i'm amazed.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Was damn pissed off this morning till the end of school.bugger.If i didnt pass my btt,i swear i would kill tt bugger.

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And so Bert gotta treat me.Chomp chomp's nice.Yums.*bloated*
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Omg the amount of food we order is enough for 4 i think.Goodness!

Last night before he goes Canada.Spastic larhs.I slept only like 2hrs last nite bt the food will probably keep me awake.Enough to do my econs essay.

BERT:I want my presents kaes!
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No more budds if i don't get pressies!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I had Blueberry bagel today!Heavenly...spreaded w butter,matched with ice blended coffee.Yum!

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My bagel spreaded w butter.-stares-

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OMG i think i spreaded a lot o butter.hees.

Town trip.Bought 2 gio.jr tee.The moo moo cow is darn cute larhs! Oh and finally my Rip Curl bottle.-yays-
The coolest thing was i bought this shirt for only...hmmm i shan't reveal.But its cheap and NO ONE will have it!Awesome!Okay its cheap.Flea market's cool!
Da flea mkt is outside Tanglin mall which has got 2 toy shop in there.

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So cute!The shop tender was like asking 'you are taking picture of tt?'-laughs

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Sesame Street buds!

And lousy drinker Bert drank Jim Beam and made me drink it as well.It just reminds me of Jim Beam girls who are blardy disgusting.

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okay darn lame pic captions.

Friday, July 15, 2005

My energy level dropped to less than 1% alr. So tiring!!!
Soooo.... i ate AERO MINTY BUBBLY CHOCOLATE BAR ta recharge!!!mmmmm.....wahaha. For those who dunno what it is,c'mon it's time for ya guys ta know this greeny bar.weee=)

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Somebody.... get me this one right above...omg this is so cool...bubbles~~~

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I tried changing the blog's background and it looked yucky.Black is still da best.-nods.
I've found my new love.Haha yarh rite.It's a pen im referring to.And it's CHEAP.-laughs.
Ayes,school is really getting suckier.And school makes me fat coz i will be sitting down most of the time and all the fats are thrown to my leg.I will balloon up soon man.-sighs.

Notice that i'm still on the com.-ponders.I should be doing something else.-ponders hard.
Oh YAH!I should be studying.haha

Die....Can you study with me?-laughs.

Ok it's official that i like to ans myself.Wheeee.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

OKAY!I have decided to blog down the stuffs i'm gonna do after my As.Whooooopeee doooopeee.So tt i won't forget.Tsk.
It's my motivation to get this As all over and done with.Grrrr.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I shall be a typical blogger and spill everything bout school today.This is rare i must say.

This is the second day i'm cabbing to school w dap.Hoho,the teacher even praised my class for punctuality.(which simply refers to me for i'm the ultimate latecomer of the class.-laughs)
School's super routine,with a BORING session during ct.Pardon me,but there's simply nothing i see in those old buildings.I can't seem to understand how it can be 'beautiful...nicely sculptured...bla.'sound so wrong.Tsk.

The class invented a new game.Shall call it Chair Stacko.Just to show they learnt from the ct period.What a way to impress the civics tutor ya the spastic pic
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I'm having this mixture of weird emotions in sch.I think,certain ppl evoke certain emotions outta me.

I'm sad,grouchy,happy one moment,lame,tired.....bla.

Somebody just save me outta this man.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Fark my sis larhs gimme farking attitude.FARK.
THINK i wont scold VULGARITIES rite.
THIS's for you

Sunday, July 10, 2005

What Kind of Kisser Are You?

Yue Yun, you're a Bashful Kisser

Sure you might be on the shy side as far as kissing goes, but that's a quality more people than you might think really go for. When you were younger, was it hard for you to talk to new people — especially when it came to someone you were interested in? Yeah, we thought so.

Lucky for you, many people, back then, and now, think that shyness is adorable and a huge turn on. After all, there's a comfort they get from the feeling that you don't lock lips with just anyone.

When it comes to kissing, you're probably a little hesitant to try new techniques. Heck, you might even prefer to stick with gentle pecks until your date finally decides to take it further.

While shyness is nice, just remember not to get so anxious you forget to have fun! Know your comfort level, but experiment a little — even if that just means a public display of affection, or we dare you, a nice long kiss — eyes open, lights on!

I guess that's pretty much true.
Get your results at .weee.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

WHY must I STUDY?!

I'm not gonna study.
But i have to study
I wanna get away from you people
I'm not friggin useless OKAY
One day
You shall not see my face
I will get away

SHUT ur friggin mouths up!

I hate my home.

When people talks about their happy times with cousins,i can't seem to relate to their happiness at all.Not that i do not have any cousins,its just that besides my sisters who are closer to my age,my cousins' age starts from my bro's age onwards.Which is like 10 yr olds and below.
Oh, i have distant cousins around my age.Three,but they are guys,and besides,there's nothing much for me to tell em about.
So i can't relate. At all.

I'm so not in the mood to do anything.I just wanna slack.sighs.
I think i'm PMS-ing.
Just ignore me.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

First it was my nose.
Now i just knocked my head in the shower room.
How SPASTIC can i get?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I had the worst sleep of my life!
blanket kicked,
blanket retrieved,
*beep!fan oscillates,
*beep!fan stops oscillating,
More tossing,
More turning.
Serves me right for being so awake and HIGH

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I want BIG BREAKFAST in the morn!
Stomach grumbles.
Nobody wakes up that early.
I have piggies as friends.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The most exciting Shane/Carmen fic ever read....Though i'm only at chapter 1 out of 24 chaps...-guffaws.

How exciting

I'm sitting right here waiting for $$ to befall me...*prays.

ARGHS.*rubs my nose bridge.I'm being very random.Back to my fic!Ciaos

yearboook yearbook yearbook.........

Sunday, July 03, 2005

And so my hair is really SHORT.
But i don't look like a BOY
I'm a pretty lady.

Two "metrosexuals"
Two days in a row

Gosh.They can't stop figuring which part of their body went wrong can.Checking every strand of hair.Every inch of clothes.

1st posershit:Every reflective surface to him is a mirror.

2nd posershit:I swear his hair is not gonna be ok by adjusting the 1/2 inch fringe while sitting in front of mobile tv using the reflective surface near the door exit.Loser


I cut my hair SHORT today.I'm brave.So brave.*huggs myself
But knocked my nose whilst in the pool today.So spastic.I thought my nose had fallen.

I have 3 days empty.Date me Date me!

Friday, July 01, 2005

I think today's the only paper i can like focus and do properly today.Coz i'm fine now.But SO???!!The rest of the papers was CMI already cause i kept sleeping.OMGoodyness.

Had retail therapy today.Burnt a huge hole in my wallet.Utterly broke in the end.Sighs.But i love it any-o-how.Smiles.

Hair cutting day delayed till tomorrow.Hmmmms.hahas

That converse sneaks.That converse sneaks.<_<