Saturday, July 16, 2005

I had Blueberry bagel today!Heavenly...spreaded w butter,matched with ice blended coffee.Yum!

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My bagel spreaded w butter.-stares-

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OMG i think i spreaded a lot o butter.hees.

Town trip.Bought 2 gio.jr tee.The moo moo cow is darn cute larhs! Oh and finally my Rip Curl bottle.-yays-
The coolest thing was i bought this shirt for only...hmmm i shan't reveal.But its cheap and NO ONE will have it!Awesome!Okay its cheap.Flea market's cool!
Da flea mkt is outside Tanglin mall which has got 2 toy shop in there.

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So cute!The shop tender was like asking 'you are taking picture of tt?'-laughs

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Sesame Street buds!

And lousy drinker Bert drank Jim Beam and made me drink it as well.It just reminds me of Jim Beam girls who are blardy disgusting.

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okay darn lame pic captions.