Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm ok.I'm a happy girl now.I don't care already.
I find peace at night.
No naggings.
No screamings.
Just me and my playlist.

My no.13 gal shifted to Ang Mo Kio!Which means she'll be around my area!
Hoho one eye candy ard me.
Better not lemme see the ugly bf.EWwwWww.

Sis dearie:

Its hard i know.
We're both suffering very much in silence
Please don't be so pessimistic
If i did that very thing
That very stupid thing
I would not have existed now
Please don't be that stupid alrite
You've got lotsa friends
Unlike me.hahs.

Or best
Be fearful of blood like me!

We will pull through alrights
I've suffered much more i guess
Just that
I refuse to show to anyone

We shall go get your converse sneaks sometime soon ya!