Monday, August 15, 2005

I don't wanna try too hard to fit in.
I don't wanna wreck what was once perfect.

Can anyone feel me,right here?
It's tough struggling alone all your life,living without people acknowledging you as their most trusted one.Trying oh so hard to fit in,end up being thrown out of the circle,altogether,unused,uncared,unfelt for.Nobody tried to feel.Maybe,just maybe,assurance is what i need,and i aint getting any,only assurances of being ditched.
Yes i fell,countless times,picked myself up and continue on.But what's there ahead?More backstabbings,names calling,superficiality and being used?

Seriously,i tried to forget.

But whenever people say i'm doing fine,i know i'm aint leading sucha good life,as smooth as many kid's life should be.

Back in sec sch,people are making friends,fitting in,leading the group.I tried to fit in.Yeah i didnt make the cut.
I tried again,but it was oh too late.
I missed my chances.Gone.

I'm too afraid to try anything else.
But i dun wanna miss another chance.