Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I wonder how i landed myself in a complete mess.
The words somehow make me ponder whether i'm inflicting pain on myself once again.I shield myself away from most things,so that i won't end up filling my heart with regrets.In that way i don't have to feel so much.Superficiality is my forte,people take me as what they perceive me to be,and walk away without probing any further.I know it's partially me who refused to show my all,but then again,did you show me yours?The world seem happier this way,or it's just how people want me to be?

I'm already scarred,and the wounds don't seem to heal.This takes time,for sure,and the arrival of fresh wounds will only prolong my misery.I just need time to erase away the scars.
I'm not good with words,so there's no way anyone would know.I am opening myself up more,that's for sure.

How do you know when you haven't even try?
I only know that i'm not offered a chance to do so.