Thursday, August 25, 2005

Loneliness Quotient: 51%

Your Personalized Assessment Report:

A score of 51 is certainly not the best, underscoring a definite need for improvement. Your loneliness appears to be rather high, and this ought to be addressed. One spot of weakness is your friend situation. Difficulties in this area are having an impact on your loneliness, and this is something that needs improvement. Luckily in your case, your family situation is not causing you any troubles. A positive family situation is definitely helpful. Your romantic life, however, needs work. There is a lot of room for improvement there, and you really need to search for that girl of your dreams. Thankfully you do not have a problem with shyness, so pursuing romantic leads and finding friends will not be as difficult as it might have been. You definitely don't have any major insecurity issues holding you back, so your pursuit of elimating loneliness will not be held back by this potential pitfall.

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