Saturday, September 17, 2005

1 week has just passed and i'm back here already.I can seriously suffer from withdrawal symptoms i must say.Right now my left hand hurts i also dunno why if it was the right hand i can smugly say i wrote too much during Econs paper.Tsk.Yah right.I have 3 more days of torture.

I just adopted a virtual pet dog!I din know what to name it larhs and number 13 floated pass my head like some divine number.So 13 the dog shall be called.And no,i dont think of my no.13 as a dog OKAY.-faints-

13 has become my number.Don't snatch.Shoo.
I want go serangoon gardens larhs.........
I want buy my lanyard larhs......
I need $$ larhsss.....
yarh i'm broke.

My aunty in Taiwan spoke to me over the webcam and mic just now.She can't communicate with my mum like nicely one coz they have very different frequency.I can't too.But i don't hate my mum like how my aunty don't hate my mum too larhs.
I don't want go Penang larhs.Fucking waste my time i want find job in dec one.Don't wanna waste my time lying there staring at the well and try to fall into it to see whether i'll drown.Watch the ducks and chickens flying here and there,or sitting in front of the lousy tv and watch shows in malay language when i don't fucking understand it larhs.I cant travel far coz need someone to drive you ard and i cant drive.Maybe i can ride the bike ard the area.That is if i don't get caught.But still!!!!Pathetic.Wait till i can drive.-ponders-No hot ppl to check out also.Yah no HOT ppl to see =torture can!!!Don't try to persuade me.
Though i love my grandma.Aiyah i shall ask grandma come over better.HIAKS.

I want to spend my holidays as how i plan it,cause for the past 4 years its ridiculous to think of holidays when all the time is spent in camps and more camps.
But i want to have my last camp in dec.TSK.
Okay but i have a super long hols after that wad.
Oh shite i want to be a camp instructor.So camp will nv end.TSKKKK!-reconsiders-
Whatever.My butt hurt right now.I have lousy butt.=(