Saturday, September 03, 2005

Farking bored like nobody's business.Yeah,the problem with my house is that it's filled with sleeping gas or something like that.You'll roam around aimless,grabbing food from the fridge,sit down,stand up,or get stuck on the chair situated right in front of the com.That's why,my blog changed.Photoshop still rawks.

And i slept at 5 last nite due to some farking pain which threatened to rip off my whole stomach.It sucks.

Right now,i'm having second thoughts bout doing something disastrous to my hair.I'm such a chicken.I think a whole new set of ppl won't recognise me again.O wells.It happens everytime.
Another day to consider.Hmmms!Oh my.

I can't,seem to enter your world can i?
Like how i can't seem to enter everybody else's
I might as well leave
And repeat these sick cycles once again