Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here's the game
Introduce 5 quirks or idiosyncrasies of yours on your blog, following which you are free to pick up five more people to do the same thing

Coz of two asses who picked me on their blog and 5+5=10 quirks,i need to write more weird facts.$#^&%*.

1.I love contradiction.

2.I love writing on serviettes and give em to my friends coz i think my handwriting looks best especially on coffebean serviettes *GRIN* p.s i think they love my handwriting too.

3.I hate people looking at me from head to toe.I feel like digging their eyeballs out.

4.I get disgusted by cheena-pi-ang people nowadays.

5.I tend to hug things/people beside me when i sleep,don't accuse me of molesting you if i ever did hug you coz you chose to sleep beside me =D.

6.I can't wait to move out of my house though people always think i have a perfect family.

7.I hate bras.End of story.

8.I have this scar on my head that people think i'm balding coz there's no hair there.It happened coz my sis threw sth on my head when i was young.That explains why i'm retarded.

9.My fingers are weird,and i seem to find more abnormalities on my fingers.

10.I always seem to hear the same words/phrases twice,from two very different people.

And I pick:

1.Dap (YAY u gotta do 10 coz Wen chose you also.=>)
4.ME sis.
5.Bertie (eh u dont have blog but i dont care u better do and post somewhere hehe)