Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm friggin pissed w msn right now coz 5min has passed and i can't sign it.Damn u msn.

I find myself insane for blogging so happily this morn,and went sch 'happily' also for last paper of the century.While waiting outside tt friggin hall,i saw Martin float past the corridor,and she cut her hair.Short.


Copycat larhs asshole.

Tt was the first ultimate spoiler for my happy mood.

I can't enter the hall w/o a tie,another bitch screamed and those w/o the tie scram out like mad dogs hunting for ties.(Yeah including me but i just sauntered out like whoever cares)I seriously hope someone chokes and suffocates in the exam hall and ties shall be barred.FOREVER.
Bongster is super sweet.I heart Bongster.He lent us ties.Hope i don't do badly for econs otherwise bongster will chop me up and sit on me and i will die.

Stupid bio teachers.I wanted to enter back and he was asking "You take bio?"
Yah i take larh idiot.You think i enter wrong venue right.STupid.


The EXCITING part of the day is shopping!!!OMG i'm so fucking broke already.I want a sugar mummy/daddy.
Shopping w Wenlin,i had this effing bad feeling i will spot Martin again.
Yeah guess wad,i did see her AGAIN.
Bitch ass moron.I always see her when i'm out w Wenlin.And spoil my day first before i can have fun.
Wenlin u have secret affair w her issit???!grrrrrr.

Oh yeah LOSER of the day

LOSER (to his loser fren):"You know my hair is cut like bung's hair?Do you know what's a bung?"
(Stares at me as i was about to leave.)
LOSER:"^%#$$&$##@&# Butch $^#@&@&*%" (I wasnt really listening)

FUCK u loser guy.You're gender confused i bet u're a transsexual in disguise.