Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just random browsed through Fridae and saw someone with the name 'number13'.WTpokes. eeyea.
Yah I'm sensitive to this number already as you can see.
Okay don't wanna dwell into this now.

I'm supposed to be studying,budden don't feel like doin so right now.

Oh I random blog hopped,and saw some pictures of my juniors my.To think they were once nasty,irritating,fat asses.Oops.Pardon me. Okay okay nasty kids.
Now they look mature and yeah,no longer fat I THINK.I won't know whether the photos has been photoshopped anot what!Coz I found out how to edit figures recently and ended up editing dap's eyes and someone's nose.Hurhurs.
Yeah so much have changed. Missed those days where you keep meeting ppl from different schools.Right now I'm stuck in this pathetic jc.

Speaking of jc,I just saw the interschool competitions results on The Straits Times.Yes and there was not a single sport that has **jc in the top 4 position.How pathetic.-shakes head-

I'm tired still.-yawns-But ppl will most probably slap me coz this whole week I slept mostly at unearthly hours.Unearthly hours to me mean before 12mn.Yeah like 10.30pm,11pm,11.30pm....yah slap me.

My blog entry is getting darn long alr.My brain is dying to spill larhs coz I nv talk to many ppl in sch cept for the usual ppl larhs.Don't feel like talking to anyone else in school.

My sis is gonna check out the price of my lanyard.Hiaks.She owe me money still larhs that ungrateful woman.So actually I'm kinda rich still.

I want my Cartel and shopping trip on Wed!!!~