Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My brother was watching Barney just now and my mum was so pissed.

Mum: "Don't watch tv already!So old already still watch Barney.You don't have homework issit?."
Bro: "ok larhs.No homework all finish already"(Yah as if.*roll eyes*)

He switched the tv off and went to play w the hamster.5secs later he switched the damn tv on.
Still Barney.

I so wanna tell him Barney is gay.laughs.

Alrights.I was sleeping just now and 1 hr plus later chocolates floated around my brain.Wah Lao super yummy can!
And i suddenly remember sth but i dunno the name.It's so pissifying so i went woke up and went online ta check.And i came across this webby.So i showed wenlin and i found out a deep dark secret.

WenLin like erotic chocolates!!!!!!Wahahaha.

I'm excited bout my trip out tml.I'm suaku like WTH.I want to connect to the outside world,and NOT thru the windows.haha.
I will be so damn pissed if i can't find all the things i want.*prays*

This is the way i show you mine.