Thursday, September 01, 2005

Woke up friggin early today to catch my long awaited BIG BREAKFAST!Ended up being so stoned,tired and more stoning and yawning was done in the library.OMG i have never felt this tired before.So unproductive.It did'nt help that there's this China woman who had this cell phone ringtone that was so friggin cool,and it kept ringing coz so many farking people were dying to call her and lick her boobs boots or something.WT*

China bitch's woman's cell phone:'Ding...Dong'
China bitch woman talking super loudly
Me:She think she taking the lift issit
Bertie:See the other girl left already coz she talk so loud.
Me:I think that girl have phobia of lifts that's why she left.
And Deb was laughing.HAHS

Oh wells it happens when i stone too much and nothing logical comes out.

When i said i need brain expansion,today's incident just makes me feel i really need to do something bout my brain cells that got killed by some farking rubbish or the dumb radiations in the air.
Right now,my memory's still failing.
Or is it not??