Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Listened to Don and Drew last night on 987.Hilarious shite i tell ya.So i decided to try out iTunes once again (Coz i din think it was useful,and i ain't got an iPod and it will prolly make me jealous) and played w the podcasting feature.Damn cool!They have so many stations to chose from,and i'm downloading all Don and Drew's podcasts.Saw The OC's podcasts as well,but since i havent even got around watching season3,it will only offer me spoilers.BOO.
Did i mention i found pridenation podcasts?!HAHA so cool i wanna hear gay people and their queer topics.HURHUR.And the word explicit on each episode make my iTunes look as if i have alot of porn stuff.Check this.

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Shite podcast is kinda addictive.