Monday, October 31, 2005

Sheesh.Just got back from endless poking and twisting session.Stupid.Felt like a voodoo doll being poked with needles.To think that i still laughed at my sis when she played with online voodoo dolls this morning. This is what i call instant retribution=(.
But hell,my shoulders still hurt,the medicine stinks,and i have to eat so many at a time!CRAZY.

Oh,saw Tay Ping Hui and Ix Shen at United Square.Not bad looking,i must say.

Wasted my time.Need ta study already.Yawns.And Huisia still ask me next time turn my head must turn less than 20 degrees.How the hell i know what's 20 degrees??!!!LOL.

Thanks Bertie,for accompanying me to the docs.Smiles.