Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something i took on Sunday but got the code only today.TSK.

Existing Situation
Non-realization of hopes and the inability to decide on necessary remedial action has resulted in considerable stress

Stress Sources
Sensitive, and susceptible to gentleness and delicacy of feeling, with a desire to blend into some sort of mystic fusion of erotic harmony. However, this desire remains unsatisfied due to the lack of a suitable partner or adverse conditions, and she keeps a strict and watchful control on her emotional relationships as she needs to know precisely where she stands. Is fastidious, esthetic, and has a cultured taste which allows her to form and express her own taste and judgment, especially in the fields of art and artistic creativity. Strives to ally with others who can assist her in her intellectual or artistic growth.

Restrained Characteristics
Circumstances are forcing her to compromise, to restrain her demands and hopes, and to forgo for the time being some of the things she wants.

Desired Objective
Seeks affectionate, satisfying and harmonious relationships. Desires an intimate union, in which there is a love, self-sacrifice and mutual trust.

Actual Problem
Needs to protect herself against her tendency to be too trusting, as she finds it is liable to be misunderstood or exploited by others. Is therefore seeking a relationship providing peaceful and understanding intimacy, and in which each knows exactly where the other stands.

Actual Problem #2
Wants to be valued and respected, and seeks this from a close and peaceful association of mutual esteem