Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The time now is 12.39 but i decided to alter the time of this entry to graduation day.Which is yesterday.Oh,i mean today.

HEHEHEHEHE.My high-ness shall be explained.

Ceremony was boring.yawns.NEXT.
The vids were hilarious.But the sci fac teachers were...seriously cmi larhs.oops.
There are 18souls in our class and yet a few souls decided to dissappear from the face of earth today.HOW CAN?!Even I,the great ponner of the class,turned up.-shakes head-HAHA

Our subject teachers were really sweet.We are kinda lucky to have all the nice teachers.CEpt...Hmmmmm.HAHAH nvm i don't dare say coz big brother's watching and i figured out the teachers can get pretty bored and who knows ur blog will pop up in their random search page.TSK.
NVM i shall feed you guys w selected photos.The rest i look like shit so forget it=X

I think my twin sister don't like me.NVM.

13 souls alive.I was reincarnated.5souls *poofed*

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I heart BONG!!!!
This pic rawks my socks.HAHA

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This is my highlight o the day.*GRINS*
I took 3 pics w her!!!
Thanks Eve for chasing after her w me.HAHA otherwise i wld have looked like a stalker or smth.