Monday, November 07, 2005

Our ct's really nice and she's none other than Ms Peh oh man im really touched.Coz she sent this sms wishing good luck and tts not all.She freaking printed extra copies of our entry proof case we forget and start to panick and go bonkers and curse the entry proof coz it screw up your freaking brains.And she left it on her table,just in case.

That just reminds me how back in secondary school,if you forget your entry proof,you'll hafta head over to the general office to BEG/SCREAM/CURSE em for one.Then you'll get a copy of it done for you together with some unneccessay crap and nags.Since when the form teacher even fcking care?

Right now Ms Peh u just simply rawk=)

And Bertie u rawk too coz you offered to be my personal alarm clock for the days i have my papers.Thanks man!