Saturday, December 17, 2005

Here i am,being a refugee waiting for ppl to take me inIi'm picky,and chose the place i wanna stay.heh.

Farah's making me fat with tons of whipped cream on my drinks.It's on the house.Awesome.

Eileen Fu we've finally met!HAHAHA just when you thought we'll never get to see each other till next year.-grins-
And welcome to our super pathetic stagnant love life,but life is still good k?Coz we have each other!HAHAHA!We'll whack each other till we come to our senses!

Roaming around a shopping mall isn't good cause i've spent a bomb.Yes im sucha shopper.

My Adidas bag will be the next on my shopping list.It's sucha sad thing that up til now,i aint got a sugar mummy or sugar daddy.I seriously need either one,better if i get both.Life would be so wonderful.

Freedom tml!
I'm getting...utterly random nowadays.
somehow,i miss my room.sigh.