Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I think going for camp din really make me slim down.In fact,i think i gained weight!OMG.
Okay what to do when you're fed like 4 times a day,CLTs having chocs in their hands most of the time.Merci,Rocky road (omg super yummy),M&Ms,Snickers,Dairy milk choc,lollies(ok this isn't choc),blah blah.

Not to forget bagels,cookies,muffins,all from Coffeebean!How can i not love you Farah?!

Milk(yes i still want to grow taller in camp),coke and more coke( i din drink tt though).

Breakfast at Mac.Friggin 4plus am in the morn just now.Mahjong session was awesome,though i think i somehow slept on oren's bed in the midst of playing.
And yes i finally can REMEMBER how to play mahjong!

I think i ate so much,i'm gonna need to jog ten rounds at the park just beside my house already.I know i should be training hard (hor?eileen fu?) but the temptation of food!ARGH.

By the way,my ear stud poked through and now my earhole is frigging enlarged.YUCKY YUCK and it hurt like mad.My sis wasn't very helpful,she said i looked like an elf.WONDERFUL.