Sunday, December 25, 2005


This is the most awesome Xmas i've ever had.Xmas eve was fun,dinner with fellow instructors cum KLK spraying session almost made me don't wanna leave.But the crowd @ Orchard was disgusting,and i swear if there was a bloody stinko in the crowd,i would have puked and died on the spot.Luckily even the KLKs smelled alrights.

Holland V was waaay less crowded than orchard.Got stuck in the traffic and had ta cab down.WTF,this is the 25756854 time that i'm spending on cab fare this week.HORRENDOUS SHITE.

Xmas pressies i've got this year's not alot,but of course,more than any other year.DUH.

HUGS to Eileen Fu,Wenlin,Elinn,Brenda,Jac and Bertie for the lovely gifts =)