Monday, December 12, 2005

Sentosa outing yest was fun,though like what Han said,we instructors were super dua bai and we were later for nearly 3hrs.LOL.Everyone got dunked and i had ta surrender myself and got dunked as well.KNS the water damn salty and gross can.The sun wasnt hot yet all of us got burnt,and we got rid of our horrible tanlines!-beams-


50th CLT course is the last HQ camp for me,and also for Cheeyong,my partner of Syndicate 6.This is the messiest camp ever,with half residential and half non-residential.It just deprives the cadets of more fun things at night.Hiaks.

I'll definitely miss everyone,esp all the instructors.We're the best gossipers ever,and will flock together whenever there's gossip.

Cheeyong is the best partner ever.He's not calculative,and we spent a bomb on our cadets.(FAMOUS AMOS!).He's efficient,and he handled the syndicate the first day i wasnt around.hehs.Our syndicate never fail to irritate us sometimes,and cheeyong will be the one doing the scoldings and i will be the one giving the stupid face.Other than that these kids can sing,and our syn song have brought us this far,just like what Sahibu told me.I guess we have really earned their respect,and your songs never fail to brighten up their day while marching to the range."god damn son of a bitch!"

And Minghui,though i said u laugh like someone i dun like (martin),but you're by far cuter than her and i love you to bits.Sorry for doing all the silly things to you in the middle of the night.Bwahaha but you seriously cannot feel anything at all,made Farah and i laughed like mad while writing on you and *ahem*.I'm proud to be ur 2nd!HAHAHA though it didnt gather much of a response from somebody.Knowing you for 2 weeks plus is short but it seems like we've known each other for damn long.Bravo coy rocks.

My part time girlfriend Farah took my soft toy at night and held it in the weirdest position ever.She sleep talked abit but cant fight with minghui coz minghui talks/scolds and points to the ceiling at the same time.Farah rocks and i know you like to hug me to sleep at night=X.Don't be upset over certain issues,i'm sure things will turn out just fine ok?

Yingbei is the most GARANG lady i've ever met.Though i knew her since 46th CLT course,i didnt know she was so GARANG.Can shower alone in the toilet(i'm scared the sensor will go off,VERY HUMJI),can do things by herself and slp in the bunk alone.OMG.You rock lah.

Hanabanana is super fit.Bluffed me she will run slowly then in the end i look like a dork trying to catch up.But it was awesome running w you tt night though seriously i was also very scared.HAHA.Her eyes are big and her screamings are horrendous.And you're not a member of our BB club coz urs are too big already=P

Grace is one small girl i didn't dare to speak to at first,but she's super nice,and KLK are super irritating yeah?HAHA

Fidah,you left us early the last day of camp,gonna miss you and im sad to say i still aint got ur no.!

To the guys,you all are the best,never know guys can gossip sooooo much but it just makes the camp super fun.We'll see each other soon ok!